Viral Traffic Facebook Photo Effects Pro (Social Networking)

By Acty, November 27, 2013

Viral Facebook Photo Effects Pro

36 Big size Creative Facebook photo effects
It’s a Full stand alone app to create creative photo effects in 2 simple steps.

1. select an effect and upload your own or your friends photo.

2. view the generated photo download or upload the photo to facebook. Done!


36 Creative facebook photo effects
Easy full translate only one file (the config file)
Photo upload (auto distrooi) for uploaded photos and generated photos.
Auto Upload to facebook.
Set as facebook profile picture.
Facebook Wall post mesage plus a link back to the script
Extra promotion text and link in the facebook walpost to promote even more!
Facebook update notification when a photo is uploaded
Download photo to user disk
Well placed adspots on all pages
Build on bootstrap
No ssl needed
No database or MySQL needed
No extra image storeage needed (for the generated photos)
Easy install jus edit one config file.
Works on domain, subdomain or in a subfolder
It’s a Great Viral traffic builder and promote tool


open set-config.php follow instructions (and or translate)
open add1.php, add2.php and add3.php put in your adds
open extra.php and put in your paypall donation button code or what you like.
ftp upload Done!


php4x or beter
facebook app id and secret
GD library (most hostings provide this)