WAIM accessibility tool bar (Miscellaneous)

By Acty, November 19, 2013

What’s that:

Web developers are working hard towards implementing web accessibility standards. In practice, this means that websites are required to be written and maintained such that they do not discriminate against users with disabilities, WAIM plugin is an easy way to add an implement some accessibility options to your website content, such as: magnifying specific areas, changing text appearance and many more. This plugin can be easily applied to a content container That will create a nice and easy accessibility toolbar That will allow your costumers to dynamically use different functionalities that makes your content more friendly even for users with disabilities. Waim is a great tool for blogs, articles and many more.


  • Accessibility toolbar.
  • Magnifier – that zoom any content (images, text, any element).
  • Text size control in one click.
  • Text color picker.
  • Text weight control.
  • Text highlighter and position saver.
  • Highly customizable.
  • Support multiple boxes and different content areas.

Technical information:

  • This jQuery Plugin has been tested with jQuery 1.9+.
  • This jQuery plugin was tested on the major browsers.
  • The magnifier tool will be disabled in FF and Opera browser.
  • plugin size (min) – 41kb.

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