WooCommerce Advanced Edit Customer User Profile (WooCommerce)

By Acty, November 10, 2013

  • Give your Customer Users the ability to Edit all their User Profile information right from the My Accounts page. Name, Surname, Email address are now be editable in the the same way that the Billing and Shipping Addresses are.
  • If you’re using ‘Register using the email address for the username’ our plugin will automatically update the username to reflect a change in the user’s email address. No more old email addresses as the customer’s username! This is an essential add-on to the popular and awesome ‘Email Address as Username’ WooCommerce setting.
  • Now use WooCommerce and custom User fields to capture much deeper and more valuable information about your customers from within the My Accounts page in WooCommerce.
  • Add as many custom fields as you like using WordPress’s standard hooks and filters methodology. (See our FAQ section for more info)
  • The field types can be set to required, email address validated, password, etc.
  • Fully compatible with the popular Advanced Custom Fields.
  • Fully customize the look and feel using the WooCommerce templating system. Simply add our available templates into your theme. (See our FAQ section for more info)