Woocommerce Gift Card (WooCommerce)

By Acty, November 27, 2013

Woocommerce Gift card v1.0

Woocommerce Gift Card plugin allows you to sell redeemable gift cards on your Woocommerce store. The gift cards are coupon codes which are generated automatically and can be applied to carts or products at checkout. It gets more interesting as you can send gift cards to other people. Ramson adds a gift card to cart and on checkout,on the field “I’m sending this Gift Card to someone” he enters Isaac’s email and name then Isaac receives the gift card. I bet this would come very much in handy for Xmas ! At the checkout,if you want it sent to someone else,input the name and email of the receiver.


-Set up expiry date of gift vouchers
-Set up usage limit of gift vouchers.I would recommend that the usage limit should be set to “1”
-Exclude certain products from being redeemable using a gift voucher
-Coupon codes are sent to users only when payment is sucessful.
-Works with latest version of woocommerce

It still gets more exciting

Gift cards are created same way as products BUT appears on a different page using the shortcode[coupon_page] . This eliminates the confusion of having gift products on shop page.

Hold on… another exciting feature is :

I thought you might want to change the default email template,so I added a simple way to change the default email template. You should take note of what the following represents :

-[receiver_name] : Name of the receiver. If you’re not sending it to someone else then the name will be the name of the buyer filled on checkout page

-[coupons] : These are redeemable coupon codes paid for.

-[blog_name] : Title of website.

-[site_url] : Url of the website.

Your buyer could be Santa

Woocommerce Gift Card plugin provides buyers the opportunity of sending Gift cards to someone else. It allows the ease of buying on behalf of someone else.

And I almost forgot that :

-You can translate this plugin to other languages. It’s easily localizable !
-Regular support.
-Additional customization per buyer(slight fee might be charged) .

Change Log

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