WooCommerce Minimize Fraud Plugin (WooCommerce)

By Acty, November 25, 2013

eMinFraud allows you to minimize online fraud in your powered WordPress + WooCommerce website.

eMinFraud integrated with MaxMind API.

Features :

  • Enable / Disable MaxMind minFraud.
  • Enable / Disable MaxMind Phone Verification.
  • Enable / Disable MaxMind Phone Identification.
  • Define maximum minFraud riskScore. Any new customer order that having above maximum riskScore will be set as “on-hold” automatically.
  • Define Phone Verification code length.
  • Define Phone Types allowed for verification.
  • riskScore point for each order displayed in WooCommerce orders panel.
  • minFraud data displayed in each WooCommerce order detail panel for further review.
  • No need to verify the customer phone number again next time ordering from your website using verified phone number. Changing phone number will require the customer to verify the new one.
  • Translation ready.


Currently no demo available, because MaxMind license key is required, but you can see all the screenshots available above.


  • PHP >= 5.3.7