WooCommerce Sponsor a Friend Plugin (WooCommerce)

By Acty, November 17, 2013

WooCommerce Sponsor a Friend is a great marketing plugin that allow your customers to become your ambassadors.

Once the plugin is set up it gives the opportunity to your customers to sponsor (or refer) friends by filling a simple form with their friends data (First Name, Last Name, Email address). If the form is okay (email must not already belong to your active customers database), it will send an email containing a unique Coupon for that person. You decide the amount and the duration of that coupon.

Then, if the person uses the coupon to buy stuff on your website, the process goes on and the sponsor will receive a “Reward Coupon” of the same amount. The Reward Coupon is automatically created at “the order completed” event and automatically sent to the sponsor.

Both email uses native woocommerce email header and footer and you can off course customize the inner content.

Translation :

WooCommerce Sponsor a Friend is translation ready with .po and .mo files.
Including french (fr_FR) and almost english (en_US) translations (the one used on that demo site)

Quickstart :

Create and publish a page to host the plugin shortcode : [wsafp-form-shortcode]
Set the created page as the plugin page in WooCommerce Sponsor a Friend plugin page settings
Modify if needed the coupon amount and duration
Save and visit your “sponsor a friend” page as a logged in customer (customer must be paying customers).

To view the form on the demo site log in with demo/demo