Auth-O (Miscellaneous)

By Acty, December 8, 2013

Auth-O is a flat-file user management and PHP pages access control system.

It allows you to create and manage users, add them to groups and control allow them to access your PHP pages on a group permission basis.

Auth-O is composed of three components, the first one is the Auth library which takes care of saving and reading the user data to files, it’s built so you can use it in your own projects too.

The second component is the admin control panel, it uses the Auth library to allow you manage your users.

The third and last component is a simple access control class which you can use in your existing PHP files to allow only certain users to access its content.

To allow users in the ‘admin’ group to access your pages you would only have to add this at the beginning of your PHP files:

 require 'full/path/to/autho/Autho.php';

As it’s file based it doesn’t require any database to work, all you need is a couple of folders with write permissions.