Christmas Games Pack 1 (Games)

By Acty, December 5, 2013

About the Pack:

This pack includes 3 different games with Christmas theme:
1- Christmas Puzzle
2- Santaball
3- Save the Santa

These games are separate from each other and you can edit each one individually.

Christmas Puzzle

A rotating puzzle game with cute pictures of animals, Santa and other winter and Christmas related characters.. The game’s difficulty will increase as you progress so it can be challenging and interesting for everyone.

How to Play:
Rotating the Tile Counter Clockwise: Left Click or Touch
Rotating the Tile Clockwise: Right Click


“Santaball” is a kind of volleyball which is played in winter, especially near Christmas! This sport is very popular and one of the reasons for this is that Santa himself is one of its main participants!!!

How to Play:
First you must choose your favorite champion for taking part in “Santaball” matches (use mouse or touch for selecting).
When you start a match, you should use the arrow keys on keyboard to control your character (controlling can also be done by using mouse’s left click or touch) and score with landing your ball on opponents ground and defeat him.
Be aware of opponents’ powerful backcourts!

Save the Santa

Save the Santa is physics puzzle game. Santa is trying to give his presents to kids, but first he must exit from North Pole! He always gets stuck between ice cubes and needs help! You must help Santa to reach the ground by picking ice cubes that are beneath his feet and help him to continue his journey!
This game has 20 levels and all graphical elements of the game can be easily changed.
This game is completely responsive and its resolution will automatically change according to the screen size of mobile platform or desktop.

How to Play:
You can play this game with mouse or touch.


» Supports touch
» Works on all HTML5 browsers
» Auto Resize (Responsive)
» Works On all HTML5 Browsers
» Ability to Change the Game’s Sounds

» Ability to personalize the game’s appearance, logo and etc.

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