Custom Interactive Map – jQuery Plugin (JavaScript)

By Acty, December 2, 2013

Custom Interactive Map is a jQuery Plugin for creating custom interactive maps.

If you’d like to turn your photo/vector grapic map into a fancy interactive map application that is supported by every major browser and it’s working even on mobile or other touch deviced, you can stop seeking, you’ve come to the right place. In fact, you came to the only place, since it is the only available utility with this unique feature set.

Main features:

  • Unlimited landmarks: Any number of locations with unique pins and various actions
  • Unlimited floors”Multiple floors are supported without any limitation
  • Deeplinking: Every location can be referenced by it’s own URL
  • Browser support: Works great in every major browser (even Internet Explorer 8)
  • Responsive design: Provides optimal experience across a wide range of devices
  • Touch optimised: Touchscreen devices, like tablets and smartphones are also supported

The supported map file formats are: JPG, PNG and SVG.

Why to use

There are dozens of web mapping applications avaliable, like Google Maps, however in some cases other approaches may be needed in order to provide proper results. The following are just a few of the possible applications that can be achieved exclusively with this utility:

  • Buildings: Shopping malls, hospitals, airports, public buildings, blueprints or any building that is too small to be detailed on the world map, however it has importance. Displaying multi-storey structures is highly effective.
  • Illustrated maps: Artistic maps, isometric maps or any kind of illustrations.
  • Fictional maps: Fantasy maps, RPG and other video game maps, anything that cannot be found on the world map.
  • Temporary maps:Camps, festivals or anything that is not permanent. Moving objects, like cruise ships can also have maps.

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