Fyrebox Yes/No Quiz WordPress Plugin (Widgets)

By Acty, December 7, 2013


Build your own Yes/No Quiz and install it on your wordpress website to entertain, test or get feedback from your online audience! Fyrebox Yes/No Quiz allows you to have a interactive HTML5 quiz on your WordPress website with no coding necessary

What would you use a Fyrebox Yes/No Quiz for?

  • Test your users: Do you own language school ? or any teaching institutions? Test your online audience by creating a language test and redirect the winners and losers to the beginners and advanced classes
  • Ask Feedback to your users: Do you have a few questions about your service? Or are you looking at launching a new product ? Build a fun and engaging quiz about your new product and redirect the user to a form where you collect their email address!
  • Validate your users to facilitate the call to actions: Does part of your online audience is entitled to a grant, make a quick quiz and redirect them to a contact form!

How to build a Fyrebox Quiz?

Just install the wordpress plugin and Create as many quizzes as you wish! Just use the shortcode provided on any blog post to display your quiz and have it playable!

Main Features

  • Loads ultra fast: All the code has been minified so it won’t slow down your website
  • Can be played on all mobiles: The quiz is using HTML 5 and Javascript so it can be played on any mobile