moStripe the Stripe WHMCS Payment Gateway Module (Miscellaneous)

By Acty, December 4, 2013

This module is fully integrated with WHMCS, allowing you to accept payments using Stripe payment gateway.

Supported features are as follow:

0. Open source, with plenty of comments and after sales support.
1. Automatic conversion of existing cards to Stripe tokens.
2. No local card storage.
3. Customers can update or delete their credit cards.
4. Supports recurring payments.
5. Supports Partial and full refund.
6. Automated Fees calculation.
7. SMS Alert for new paid or failed orders.
8. SMS Alert for failed or successful Stripe requests (Customer or card creation, card or customer updates).
9. SMS notification for refunded orders.
10. CVC, address and zipcode/postcode checks.
11. Full control over payment gateway configuration, detailed admin logs and test mode switch.
12. Multi-currency support.

NOTE: This module uses Stripe PHP API only. moStripe does not use Stripe.js.