Portfolio App for iPhone and iPad (Full Applications)

By Acty, December 3, 2013


PortfolioApp is the “simple” iOS portfolio app for photographers, agents, designers, models, hair stylists, architects, and anyone who wants a simple and beautiful way to feature photos, videos and visual artwork. Art galleries, museums and photographic agents and salesforces use PortfolioApp because of its seamless experience on iPhone and iPad thanks to our engineers who built 2 optimized versions “HD iPad” and “retina iPhone” in 1 single universal app.


  • Get your portfolio app at an affordable price with great values
  • Skype chat after-sale support
  • 1 Universal app for both iPhone and iPad sharing same images (you don’t have to upload 2 sizes of your image)
  • Constantly improving the App
  • No programming skills needed
  • No annual fees. No hidden fees. The app is totally yours

Key Features

  • Native Xcode project included
  • PortfolioApp is a universal app (special HD version for iPad included)
  • Updatable UI (banners – buttons – backgrounds – thumbnails)
  • Optimized for iPhone 4 & 5
  • Optimized for iPod touch
  • Special HD version for iPad
  • iOS7 supported
  • 100% offline (images automatically cached after 1st time load)
  • XML driven App (Albums, Photos, Captions, About the Artist, Locate Us)
  • Sample XML files provided
  • Sample PHP files provided (Fetch a particular folder and auto-generate XML based file for all photos within that folder)
  • Images, videos and txt will be automatically updatred if change from the XML
  • Easily turn ON/OFF sections (webView, maps, videos)
  • Step-by-step online documentation

Additional features

  • Landscape mode available at the slideshow page
  • Pull To Refresh (the app will check if new images, album thubmnails or new videos will are added to the XML and download/store it on the App)
  • Easy, minimal and clean user interface
  • Pinch and zoom
  • Save, Copy and Share any image
  • Share this App with a friend via Facebook , Twitter, email and SMS
  • Image gallery with unlimited Albums
  • Album’s thumbnail is created automatically by Xcode
  • Videos from YouTube
  • Locate Us using Maps
  • WebView (can be used for Book an Appointment or Contact Us or Instagram feed,…)

Source Code

  • Full source code provided
  • PortfolioApp.xcodeproj
  • .h – .m – .plist – .pch – .xib
  • XML – PHP
  • PNGs – JPGs
  • PSD layered (Splash screen, thumbnails, homescreen banner)