Prostats2 – Pro Web Analytics (Ratings and Charts)

By Acty, December 2, 2013

What is Prostats v2 ?

Prostats is a tiny, fast and secure script that will record your site(s) visitors ( human or robot ) information ( such as ip, country, browser, OS, referrer, page visited and a lot more ) in milliseconds . You can install Prostats on ANY php sites such wordpress, dle, php-nuke or ANY other php site ( static or dynamic ) . You can also install the script on one site and use it in multiply sites !

Key Features

  • Real-time update .
  • Multiply Domains & Hosts : Install once and record multiply sites information . Sites that are within same host with source and/or sites that are in totally different servers ! Just don’t worry , script will handle it !
  • Multiply Users : Define unlimited users and give access to different domain names to each one of them ! You can also define a default user for guests !
  • Detailed day / month statistic
  • Pages statistic : total top-pages , monthly top-pages , daily top-pages , pages visited by robots & more !
  • OS & Browser statistic : total most-used-browser and os , monthly most-used-browser and os , daily most-used browser and os & more !
  • Robots : Robots all-time visits , Robots monthly visits
  • Referrers : Top-referrers list !
  • Graphs : every list has it own graph & page
  • Support & Upgrades : by purchasing you’ll have life-time free support and script will be upgraded by your ideas ! Also this script is documented and commented so if you have slightest knowledge of coding , you’ll be able to upgrade or change it yourself !
  • This script contains installer which will almost do everything . You just need to upload script .


Php , mysql database , mysqli php-extension and Curl php-extension ( for multiply sites )
Do i have the requirements ? 99% if shared hosts do . But if you want to be sure use google.com ^^ or just contact your host manager .

Prostats v1

Since the core and database tables has been changed , unfortunately upgrading from V1 to V2 is not possible .

Demo admin username:password = admin:password

Demo user username:password = prostats:prostats