Saturn – Responsive admin dashboard template (Admin Templates)

By Acty, December 3, 2013

Saturn is a multipurpose admin dashboard template built on top of the latest Twitter Boostrap framework!
It’s super easy to change color schemes on the fly with a powerful LESS css framework, there is no need to go and find all the colors through multiple css colors, all the variables are located in a single file where you can easily manipulate the look and feel of the theme!


  • Responsive Layout
  • Built on Bootstrap 3.0
  • All colors are in LESS css variables, so you can easily adjust per your needs
  • Unlimited Color Combinations
  • Dashboard with charts widgets
  • Forms, form uploads, multiple select box by chosen
  • jQuery form validation
  • Tabs, Pills bars
  • Line chart, Pie chart, area chart, gauges and many more
  • 8 Color widgets
  • Widget reload logic
  • Widget color change on the fly
  • Widget minimize, collapse effects
  • Tasks TODO List
  • Real Time chart
  • User Chat layout
  • Server Activity table
  • Calendar
  • Data Tables
  • Range Sliders
  • 4 versions of layout: left side menu, right side menu, collapsed side menu and horizontal menu
  • Extra pages: Login, Registration, Search page, File not found page, Server Error Page

Credits & Resources used