Simple Forum (PHP Scripts)

By Acty, December 9, 2013

Simple Forum Features

  • Simple and reponsive layout that make it easy to use on computers, laptops, tablets and mobiles.
  • Sticky discussion will be display first the all other will be sorted by date.
  • WYSIWYG Editor to easily add the post and styles to the post.
  • Add Smileys to your posts
  • Option to close/delete the discussions/posts
  • Option to make the post publically available OR Private (private post can be view by creator, modierators and admins).
  • Moderators allowed to view/add/edit/delete and reply to all posts. But you can choose the setting in adminarea.
  • Manage users, categories, FAQs from adminarea.
  • Settings page to easily change/update forum settings.
  • 3 user level, Admin, Moderators and members.
  • Public or Memeber only FAQs.
  • Add announcement from admin area.
  • Close new user registration.

App License

Demo Users

Role: username / password

Admin: admin@tecdiary.com / 12345678
Moderator: moderator@tecdiary.com / 12345678
Memeber1: user1@tecdiary.com / 12345678
Member2: user2@tecdiary.com / 12345678

Installation Note:

You will need internet connectivity to install this item.


For support, Please visit http://tecdiary.com/support/
Support is available from 0900- 1800 (GMT+8), Mondays – Fridays.