Affiliate Engine (Miscellaneous)

By Acty, March 15, 2014

Envato Affiliate Engine is a powerful system which makes it easy to create affiliate posts or banners for websites and web pages. This engine is designed in a way that all kind of website owners can use it. It is also possible to use the engine in all CMS types and Forums like WordPress and vBulletin. Envato affiliate engine are applicable to all Envato site such as:
• ThemeForest
• GraphicRiver
• CodeCanyon
• VideoHive
• PhotoDune
• 3DOcean
• AudioJungle
• ActiveDen
All things are done by using a url of a single item or list of items (ex. popular items, a category or even the url of search result) and your Envato username. Then the engine creates a Post, Horizontal Banner or Vertical Banner based on your choice. You can choose to show a list of items or a random item; the list can be a popular items url, a sorted list by sales url, a search result url or anything you want.
The engine is designed for three types of users:
• Ordinary Users (Static Usage):
If you don’t like to deal with programming or like to add affiliate posts or banners to your site directly and manually, use the engine user interface. Just choose a single item or list of items url, input your username and desired result type (Post, Horizontal Banner or Vertical Banner), and generate the code. Copy and Paste the code wherever you want, easily. This case is also suitable for owners of Forums and CMS like WordPress and vBulletin.

• PHP Developers (Dynamic and Server side usage):
If you are a php developer and prefer to generate affiliate posts within your php scripts, use our php engine. Our engine lets you to load a single affiliate post, horizontal banner or vertical banner inside your script. You can also show random items from your desired list by php engine. If you have a custom template and want to put affiliate links and images inside it, do not worry! Our engine has ability to give back affiliate data in an array and you can use it easily wherever you want!

• Javascript Developers (Dynamic and Client side usage):
Sometimes it is better to load affiliate posts by Javascript when you want to manage things in the client side. Envato affiliate engine also has Javascript engine which use Ajax technology to generate data. In this part, all processes are managed by Javascript. Here, like php engine, you can load a single item, list of items and a random item from a list. It is possible to generate results in an array by the javascript engine for those who want to create their own affiliate template. (Note that the whole engine including php and javascript parts must be uploaded to the server)

Why to choose Envato Affiliate Engine:
• All type of website owners (Ordinary users, php developers and javascript developers) can use it easily.
• Different types of results are available (Post, Horizontals Banner and Vertical Banner).
• It is possible to put posts and banners dynamically or statically inside Forums and CMSes.
• Random items can be generated to earn more from different items.