Arwell – Viral media, vine and gag script. (Images and Media)

By Acty, March 7, 2014


Arwell is a 9gag like, viral media, gag and vine sharing application. It contains an extremely powerful and functional admin panel, where you can manage gags, categories, pages, users, comments and whole application.

Arwell is greatly documented and built on Laravel 4 framework and Bootstrap 3. It has facebook, twitter, pinterest and google plus share widgets, mostly ajax based and has a realtime notifications system.

Application Features

– Over 10 different color options, many more to come!
– Uses ajax for login, register, share gags and uploads.
– Realtime notifications system.
– Upvote/downvote posts.
– Multilingual ready.
– English and Turkish translations are already done.

User & Admin Features


– Admin can delete, feature, approve, disapprove gags posted.
– Admin can create, edit, delete, feature categories.
– Admin can create unlimited amount of HTML pages, where you can write HTML or use the WYSIWYG editor.
– Admin can manage, create, delete, ban or unban users.
– Admin can approve, disapprove, massapprove or delete user comments.
– Admin can change website settings on settings management. It supports features like: auto approve comments, auto approve gags, change facebook like url, add custom css, add analytics code, update logo, and more.


– Users can register and login to the system.
– Users can share, comment and vote gags.
– Users can use their own control panel, which supports features like: change password, manage my comments.
– Users can get notifications realtime. (e.g Someone upvotes your sharings)

Want to take Arwell for a test ride?

Click here for the demo

Need documentation?

Like it?

If you have a bug report or an improvement idea, feel free to make a comment about it. I plan on releasing minor and major content updates every month!


Version 1.0 – 06.03.2014 (update: e31d60f)

- Initial release.