Fun Game – Flappy Desk – iAd – AdMob (Games)

By Acty, March 19, 2014

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Flappy Desk is a fun Flappy Birds game like. Make money with this app : iAd version and Admob version.

It is compatible with iOS 7.x and runs on iPhone 5 / 5S / 5C and iPod Touch 5th generation. Requirements to open the project : OS X 10.8 And Xcode 5.0

FlappyDesk Features v1.0

  • Two XcodeProject : One with iAd and another one with AdMob !
  • Cool idea for a Flappy birds game like.
  • Make some easy cash with iAd and AdMob :).
  • Easy configuration : you don’t have experience with code or Objective C ? Great because you don’t need any programming skill to configure FlappyDesk app
  • Good code : you can easily edit and change FlappyDesk’s code if you are good in development.
  • Support and documentation : FlappyDesk comes with a tutorial. Our team is providing a really quick support


I’m going to make a lot of update, so if you have any idea leave a comment !