iProtect – Display content after authentification (Miscellaneous)

By Acty, March 8, 2014

iProtect – Display content after a successful authentification

You’ve got a very private content which only a few people should see? No problem! With this cool script you’ll be able to protect it from others!

Import only one line into your .php file and it will do the magic! This is the line:
<?php require_once(“iprotect/class.core.php”); ?>

From now on iProtect will protect the displayed content in the .php file and will always require a password to display the content!

The unique features are:

• Only ONE line is required! (<?php require_once(“iprotect/class.core.php”); ?>)
• Add unlimited account combinations to the existing array which will be able to authentificate at the authentification-page!
• Session-management is included: This means, you can setup a interval how long peoples will stay logged in after an successful authentification! Currently it’s set to 5 seconds, but in our VERY EASY DOCUMENTATION you’ll understand in a second how to change it to another time, very simple, i promise! :)
• Redirect after authentification to any favour URL or just refresh the site with the string “self” :P (Also very simple to use in our VERY EASY DOCUMENTATION)
• Using AJAX to authentificate people, it doesn’t require any reload: Saves bandwidth!
• Using Bootstrap as authentification template! (See our screenshots for a preview, looks awesome for an authentification!)

So why are you still waiting? This script will always protect content from you!