LightsOut – iPhone game (Games)

By Acty, March 19, 2014

LightsOut is fully native game application for iPhone.

LightsOut is puzzle game that is played on 5*5 board. On start of game several lights are turned on randomly. Taping on one light will toggle it together with adjescent lights. Goal of game is to turn off all lights on board.

Package contains iPhone project with Retina (high resolution graphics) support.

LightsOut features:
– fun puzzle gameplay
– touch on lights to toggle them
– turn off all lights to win the game
– action sound (.wav)
– easy to add your own images and sounds
– non-Retina & Retina support
– no 3rd Party libs/frameworks
– and much more…

Application is ready for build and upload to iTunes store.

Thanks for purchase!