Magento PIN Delivery Extension (Magento Extensions)

By Acty, March 10, 2014

Magento PIN Delivery Extension will enable you to sell unique pins online and deliver to end user via Email.
Key features include:
1. Upload PINs in bulk, SFTP or add 10 pins at a time.
2. Manage sold and unsold pins.
3. All PINs are vector encrypted to ensure safety of your PINs before storage process.
4. Can be extended to deliver Image pins (default is text pin delivery)
5. Can be extended to delivery text pins via SMS.
We provide worldwide SMS delivery services.
6. Easy setup, you can use Extension manager to install this extension. No Core file hack is required. Setup guide is provided. We also provide regular support for latest Magento releases and extended support for further enhancements.
For more information visit: http://mostripe.com/magento/pin-delivery-extension/