Mudskippers Match-3 Android Game (Games)

By Acty, March 10, 2014

Mudskippers is an interesting Match-3 addictive game.
Millions of years ago, when vast expanses of the earth were covered with water – in the Great Age of Reptiles – there lived a unique and diverse prehistoric animal life.

- Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yThJsu_N6bE
- Free Android Version: 

of their eggs as possible.
– But the Mudskipper like any other species can often get sick. The egg
of the mudskipper has three ages and each age has three different
stages of illness.
– As the illnesses develop all the eggs gradually grow dim and dark.
– To treat the eggs you need to line them up horizontally, vertically
or diagonally by five or more eggs of the same age with the same stage
of illness.
– You can trade the places of any two eggs by clicking the left mouse
button on one and then the other. Once an egg dies you cannot exchange
it with any other or move it.
– There are three levels of the game. The higher the lever the faster
the eggs mature and advance in illness.
– You must hurry! If you don’t treat the eggs quickly, they will die.
– And even hatched mudskippers are in danger…

- The purpose of the game is to hatch as many young mudskippers out


- Great Match3 game
- Interesting vivid style
- Exciting atmosphere and characters
- Unique, addictive gameplay
- Beautiful sound effects and graphics
- Google Admob


- This game project for Adobe Flash CS6 and publishing for Android by AIR.
- It is necessary to import new images instead of the old.
- Importing images
- Import Photoshop and Illustrator files into Flash CS6