OpenCart SEO Link De-duplicator (OpenCart)

By Acty, March 16, 2014

The biggest problem OpenCart sites face is the duplicate/thin pages penalties caused by its default link scheme. By default, every page on the site can be accessed by a multitude of links. For example the product:


By default can be accessed many, many different ways, for example:

Category pages: http://www.widgetstore.net/widgets/blue-widget
Secondary category pages: http://www.widgetstore.net/other-widgets/blue-widget
Manufacturer pages: http://www.widgetstore.net/northwestern-widget-company/blue-widget
Non-seo URL: http://www.widgetstore.net/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=51
Partially-seo manufacturer URL: http://www.widgetstore.net/northwestern-widget-company?product_id=51
Partially-seo category URL: http://www.widgetstore.net/other-widgets?product_id=51
Complete gibberish URL: http://www.widgetstore.net/sdj//gos//djg/////osd/CANT/BELIEVE/THIS/REALLY/WORKS/blue-widget
and thousands more! Ugh.

You can try the above examples on your own store and you’ll see it illustrated. The problem with having many duplicate pages is that Google will index many of these fake pages, making your site appear to have thin and duplicate content, which hurts your rankings in searches.

OpenCart SEO Link De-duplicator will not only change all of your links site-wide to a proper canonical version, it will even 301 permanent redirect all the old links to the correct links so you don’t have to worry about losing any “link juice”. Do away with duplicate/thin content panalties once and for all with this easy plugin!

This plugin will also redirect variations of the site’s home page:

http://www.yourstore.fake/index.php to http://www.yourstore.fake/
http://www.yourstore.fake/index.php?index.php?route=common/home to http://www.yourstore.fake/

and your category pages:

http://www.yourstore.fake/index.php?route=product/category&path=72 to http://www.yourstore.fake/category/
http://www.yourstore.fake/a-bunch-of-giberrish-here/real-category to http://www.yourstore.fake/real-category

and your information pages:

http://www.yourstore.fake/a-bunch-of-giberrish-here/delivery to http://yourstore.fake/delivery
http://www.yourstore.fake/a-bunch-of-giberrish-here/delivery to http://yourstore.fake/delivery
http://www.yourstore.fake/index.php?route=information/delivery to http://yourstore.fake/delivery

To help boost your overall SEO efforts, this plugin works nicely in conjunction with our popular Canonical URLs plugin, available here:


The plugin works with all 1.5.x versions of OpenCart and installs easily using vqmod. Full instructions included.