PaperPro – Rich Android Wallpaper App Template (Full Applications)

By Acty, March 13, 2014

Easily create an Android Wallpaper application with cool features like:

-Pure android UI, with cards, fragments & slidingmenu
-Built in wallpaper editor
-Offline wallpapers – Remember your favorite wallpapers & show them offline
-User configurable options – Choose page to go to after boot, number of items, and more
-Tags and sorting to explore and discover new wallpapers
-Set wallpapers, Share wallpapers & view them
-Show wallpapers with almost any resolution, and provide description and name.
-Efficient network management
-Great Panel to manage your wallpapers
-Admob, Installer, Connection handler, Rating and much more.

With Panel so you can easily upload, remove and edit wallpapers!

Extended Description Coming soon