PHP Beaver – Drag and Drop Website Builder (Project Management Tools)

By Acty, March 18, 2014

What is this script about?

PHP Beaver is the first website builder on CodeCanyon. It allows your users/customers to create unique, responsive sites by just clicking a few times. The generated sites are fully customisable, users beeing able to change aspects of the site like the layout/text or even the theme (BootStrap skins supported).

Check the demos

PHP Beaver – Link

PHP Beaver Admin Panel – Link

Generated Site 1 – Link

Generated Site 2 – Link

Generated Site 3 – Link

Generated Site 4 – Link

Main features

  • Intuitive, drag and drop interface
  • Generates sites with custom elements (Navigation bar, Secondary navigation bar, Content boxes, Sliders, Contact forms, Share plugin, Footer etc)
  • Generates responsive sites
  • Generates sites with custom themes (Bootstrap skins)
  • Generates sites SEO ready
  • 15 themes included (Thanks to bootswatch.com)
  • Live preview option
  • Download (all files/only the edited file) as .zip


  • A hosting account (VPS/Dedidcated/Shared)
  • A domain/subdomain
  • PHP 5.3 (or newer)
  • PHP cUrl() (not necessary, but preferable for a better experience)
  • PHP Zip library
  • A decent storage space (a few GBs should work)


3/16/2014 [1.0]

  • Initial Release