Remote Pc Super-Controller (Windows)

By Acty, March 14, 2014

What is Remote Pc Super-Controller ?

Remote Pc Super-Controller is made to control other PCs and/or interact with the user using the PC that is beeing controlled.
Remote Pc Super-Controller – SOURCE CODE AVAILABLE !

The application consists of two main programs:
1. The Server (Pc Super-Controller Server.exe) and
2. The Client (Pc Super-Controller.exe).
The client is the program that will controll the PC.
The server is the program that will recieve the instructions from the client and execute them.

This means that the program you will need to install on your computer is the client.
And you will install the server on the computer you want to controll.

The program is using TCP so you will have to add an exception in some firewalls to let the commands go through.