Review Reminder for Magento (Magento Extensions)

By Acty, March 6, 2014

Frequently Bought Together displays products in a neat, comfortable and modern way, employing smooth and eye-catching AJAX and JavaScript effects based on previous sales. This extension not only enriches your store content by making it look Web 2.0, but it also attracts your customers. Consumers are encouraged to place additional products in their carts, increasing your cross-sells and total purchase amounts. The extension also does not change any core file of Magento, so you can update your installation with total peace of mind.

Compatible with Magento:,,,,,,,,,


General Features
– Easy-to-install;
– Easy-to-customize;
– Tested and validated on all major browser versions;
– Tested and validated on all Magento versions above;
– Fully compatible with all dasENIGMA’s Magento Extensions;
– Multi-store compatible;

Product Features
– Pure user-generated content, all data displayed has been created by users.
– Effectively increase amount of product reviews in your store;
– Enhance store credibility in customers eyes;
– Enhance the shopping experience of your store;
– Increase general sales of the products;
– Increase hype in the products;
– Compatible with mobile devices;

Admin Features
– Enable or disable the extension in admin panel;
– Easily configure the extension in admin panel;
– Track all reminders sent;
– Track all clicks given by users in a reminder email;
– Send reminders automatically;
– Get notified automatically when a new update is available;
– Get a feedback if the extension is conflicting with any other;


Version 1.0 (04/03/2014)
– Initial Release;