RSS Check-up (Miscellaneous)

By Acty, March 19, 2014

Make a check-up of your RSS feeds !

With this script, you will easily determine the unnecessary RSS feed and so remove all URLs that no longer valid…

Just enter your OPML file or your list of RSS Feed (xml), and determining for each feed :
-the last article / post published date ……………. useful for identifying sites or blogs writing no more articles
-if the feed still exists
-if the link returns to an 404 page error

Get a clear page report with different color and status for clear reading

-You can indicate a OPML file or a text file (which includes all the feeds)
-Clear report (URL links you can click, indicators with different colors)
-Several indicators for each feed (OK, duplicate rss feed URL, duplicate domain, URL not responding, empty feed title, last feed updated more than 6 months or 1 year)
-Script tested with files containing more than 500 feed
-The script is ready to use, you do not need to install something.
-No database required
-100% source code
-Documentation guide very clear
-Sample files are included

-PHP with CURL