Skype Manager (Windows)

By Acty, March 19, 2014

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Skype Manager is a portable manager (BOT) for Skype client on Windows platform. By using this manager you can extend the functionality of your Skype client adding some extra features like:

  • Skype Bulk Contact Adder
  • Fake quote generator
  • Auto accept/decline incoming calls
  • AFK Message sender
  • Welcome Message sender
  • Message Scheduler (Sends messages to specific contacts in a specific date and time)
  • Auto Responder (Custom responses)
  • E-mail to SkypeID (Convert emails to SkypeID’s)
  • Broadcast to all online/all users
  • Group messaging
  • Mood changer with interval
  • Block/Unblock contacts
  • Change your skype status
  • Chatlog

Suggestions and bug report

Do you miss something in this application or did you find a bug?
Then please don’t hesitate and contact me, i would love to help you out.