Social Mosaic Wall (Animations and Effects)

By Acty, March 19, 2014

Build your own mosaic grid with your social media staff and more…

Key features:

  • Only HTML and CSS – easily editable (no javascript).
  • Unique and beautiful design.
  • 28 Social icons includes.
  • 1 x PSD file with social icons (so you can create new).
  • Set how many tiles you want eg. 4×3 or 100×300 or …..
  • Put whatever you want into any tile: social icons, text (as long as you want) and graphics, video and animation.
  • Adjust the size of tiles (mosaic brick).
  • Use any image as a background of your mosaic grid.
  • Put as many mosaic grids as you want on your website.
  • Mosaic grid can be built from tiles of different dimensions (bigger/smaller).
  • All browsers support.