Space Debris! Flappy style game + iAd + Gamecenter (Games)

By Acty, March 14, 2014

This complete Space Debris! (Flappy Bird Style Game) utilizes customizable graphics, audio, easy customization for every aspect of the game. GameCenter Integration!! (Leaderboards and Achievements). iAd Integration!

Develop your “Flappy Bird” style app game, you just have to change some graphics files:

– ‘Bird’ (in this app is an Astronaut)
– Background image ( in this app is the Space)
– Obstacle ( in this app is debris.. different type!)
– App Icon, Launch Image
– Good remuneration by integrating iAd!

Customization Preferences:
// Gameplay – astronaut movement
static const float kGravity = -1500.0;
static const float kImpulse = 400.0;

// Gameplay – ground speed
static const float kGroundSpeed = 150.0f;

// Gameplay – obstacles positioning
static const float kGapMultiplier = 2.0;
static const float kBottomObstacleMinFraction = 0.1;
static const float kBottomObstacleMaxFraction = 0.6;

// Gameplay – obstacles timing
static const float kFirstSpawnDelay = 1.75;
static const float kEverySpawnDelay = 1.5;

// Looks
static const int kNumForegrounds = 2;
static const float kMargin = 20;
static const float kAnimDelay = 0.3;
static NSString *const kFontName = @”PressStart2P”;

// App ID
static const int APP_STORE_ID = 827219677;

If you have an idea for a new “flappy bird” style, with this app you will realize in a short time!

The app includes integration with Game Center + PDF Guide GameCenter:
– Leaderboards (top score)
– Achievements (nine elements)

You can find this app on app Store : search “Space Debris!” it’s Free !!