SpaceInvaders – iPhone and iPad game (Games)

By Acty, March 18, 2014

SpaceInvaders is fully native game application for iPad and iPhone. One spaceship against endless enemy formations.

This game features fun and addictive gamplay: tap to shoot missiles, tilt your device to move your spaceshift left or right. Try to score as much points as you can. Gameplay is endless, so once you clear all enemies, new ones will appear.

Package contains two projects: one for iPad and one for iPhone, so you can release HD version for iPad and regular version for iPhone. iPhone version also includes Retina support (4G & 4S high resolution graphics).

SpaceInvaders features:
– control your spaceship by tilting your device
– tap to shoot
– countless enemies ariving in formation waves
– set player name for highscores list
– action sounds (.wav)
– easy to add your own images and sounds
– fully animated with SpriteKit
– pause game
– non-Retina & Retina support
– no 3rd Party libs/frameworks
– and much more…

Application is ready for build and upload to iTunes store.

Thanks for purchase!