Unbounce Landing Page Template for Startups (Unbounce Landing Pages)

By Acty, March 18, 2014

An All-in-One Landing Page for Startups

Startups need landing pages that drive interest, opt ins, and leads – FAST. This Startup theme includes everything you’ll need to optimize lead gen efforts, free trial signups, acquiring beta testers and more.

Use the included Photoshop file to customize graphics and icons to fit with your brand’s color scheme. It takes only a few minutes to make these changes in the PSD or in Unbounce.

Conversion Boosting Features Include

  • Directional Cues to Drive Signups
  • jQuery Animations to Visually Engage Visitors
  • Pricing Tables (for driving signups)
  • A Variety of Multi-Column Layouts
  • Customize Header Image with your App

Package Includes:

  • 1 Desktop Landing Page Theme
  • 1 Mobile Friendly Landing Page Theme
  • 2 .unbounce files (desktop & mobile) for easy uploading of theme to Unbounce
  • All original artwork in Photoshop format
  • Theme documentation and usage

Note: Testimonial images used in the preview are not included in the final Photoshop file.